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Puppy Gallery | Cropped Tank Top | Petit Bear | Pink

Puppy Gallery | Cropped Tank Top | Petit Bear | Pink



Design Concept

● It has stitching and colliding of popular colors, a colorful summer design, Cool to the touch, soft and ● skin-friendly, and highly elastic fabric suitable for all dogs and cats.

With a crop length size that is not burdensome, it is fun and cute from spring to autumn and comfortable to wear with stretch material in all directions.

It's okay if your dog has sensitive skin. 
● Soft touch and elasticity of stretch in all directions 95% cotton for a comfortable fit.

Lightly with crop millet. 

● It has a short back length so that you can wear it casually even in summer. Please select the size according to your child's chest circumference.



● Cotton 95%

● Spandex 5%


About this item


● Brand: 퍼피갤러리 (Puppygallery)

● Theme: Pet Clothes

● Style: Tank Top

● Color: Pink

● Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL

● Target Species: Dog/Cat

● Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes

● Special Feature: 1. Color Block 2. Cute Patch 3. Soft Cotton Fabric 4. Stretch Fabric

● Made in China


Size Neck Chest Length
S 12-20 cm 31-37 cm 13.5 cm
M 16-26 cm 36-46 cm 15 cm
L 20-28 cm 42-54 cm 18 cm
XL 25-36 cm 48-62 cm 21 cm
2XL 28-40 cm 56-70 cm 25 cm
3XL 32-46 cm 64-80 cm 28 cm
4XL 36-56 cm 72-90 cm 35 cm
5XL 42-62 cm 84-108 cm 41 cm

● Size by considering the child's chest circumference and back length rather than weight or breed. It is good to choose.

● A 1 to 2 cm error may occur depending on the measurement location and method.









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