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Puppy Gallery | Cooling | Sun Cap | Jelly Bear | Baby Blue

Puppy Gallery | Cooling | Sun Cap | Jelly Bear | Baby Blue



Design Concept

● Cute gummy bear silicone design.

● The overall use of high-density mesh fabric is light and breathable.

● Before getting wet: It can be used as home clothes. It feels cool when touched. It is soft and not stuffy on the skin. 

● After getting wet, it can cool down and sunscreen outdoors, slow down the summer heat, and take a walk and play easily.

● Suitable for all types of dogs.

100% Natural cooling - No chemical coolants

● It provides a strong cooling effect with only water and air circulation and protects children's skin from the sun. Perfect summer gear. Meet the Outside+ series.

● It is A high-functional cooling item made of functional cooling fabric that lowers children's body temperature just by wearing it.

Functional material and hidden air mesh pad help cooling

● Air Flow

● Cool Sensitive

● UV Protection

● Quick Drying

Water and wind are enough

● No chemical refrigerants are used. It is an eco-friendly cooling product that provides a powerful cooling effect with only pure water and air circulation.

From small friends to big friends in 5 different sizes!

● It fits the child's face and head circumference. Please adjust by pulling the stopper. 

● Puppy Gallery's jelly bear sun cap is a product that focuses on protecting eyesight and has a wide brim to block UV rays.

● It is made of a material that allows you to adjust the shape easily, so if you want to secure your field of vision, you can fold the brim as much as you need to wear it.



● Nylon 82%

● Spandex 18%


About this item


● Brand: 퍼피갤러리 (Puppygallery)

● Theme: Pet Cap

● Style: Sun Cap

● Color: Baby Blue

● Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL

● Target Species: Dog

● Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes

● Special Feature: 1. Protect Eyes From The Sun 2. Durable Silicon Logo 3. UV Protection 4. Cool-Sensitive Fabric 5. Flexible Adjustment

● Made in China


Size Face Circumference Head Circumference Brim width Brim Length Ear Distance
S 18-36 cm 22-36 cm 13.5 cm 6 cm 4.5 cm
M 22-42 cm 26-40 cm 15.5 cm 7 cm 5 cm
L 25-48 cm 30-45 cm 17.5 cm 8 cm 5.5 cm
XL 50-58 cm 36-50 cm 20.5 cm 9 cm 6 cm
2XL 34-65 cm 43-55 cm 23 cm 10 cm 7 cm

● Size by considering the child's chest circumference and back length rather than weight or breed. It is good to choose.

● A 1 to 2 cm error may occur depending on the measurement location and method.









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