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Puppy Gallery | Cooling | Bloomer | Jelly Bear | Pastel Green

Puppy Gallery | Cooling | Bloomer | Jelly Bear | Pastel Green



Design Concept

● Cute gummy bear silicone design.

● The overall use of high-density mesh fabric is light and breathable.

● Before getting wet: It can be used as home clothes. It feels cool when touched. It is soft and not stuffy on the skin. 

● After getting wet, it can cool down and sunscreen outdoors, slow down the summer heat, and take a walk and play easily.

● Suitable for all types of dogs.

100% Natural cooling - No chemical coolants

● It provides a strong cooling effect with only water and air circulation and protects children's skin from the sun. Jelly bear cooling bloomer with excellent functionality and cuteness.

● It is A high-functional cooling item made of functional cooling fabric that lowers children's body temperature just by wearing it.

Functional material and hidden air mesh pad help cooling

● Air Flow

● Cool Sensitive

● UV Protection

● Quick Drying

Water and wind are enough

● No chemical refrigerants are used. It is an eco-friendly cooling product that provides a powerful cooling effect with only pure water and air circulation.

From small friends to big friends in 8 different sizes!

● It added stopper details to enable flexible back length adjustment.

● It is made of elastic fabric, very easy to wear, and suitable for children's activities.

● It is comfortable to wear thanks to stretch fabric in all directions.



● Nylon 82%

● Spandex 18%


About this item


● Brand: 퍼피갤러리 (Puppygallery)

● Theme: Pet Clothes

● Style: Bloomer

● Color: Pastel Green

● Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL

● Target Species: Dog

● Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes

● Special Feature: 1. Air Mesh Pad Keep Cooling Time 2. Durable Silicon Logo 3. UV Protection 4. Cool-Sensitive Fabric 5. Flexible Adjustment

● Made in China



Size Neck Chest Length Air Mesh Pad Weight
S 15-21 cm 31-35 cm 17-23 cm 2 g
M 18-25 cm 36-41 cm 21~27 cm 2 g
L 20-28 cm 44-50 cm 25~31 cm 3 g
XL 25-36 cm 48-56 cm 28~35 cm 3 g
2XL 28-40 cm 56-67 cm 31~40 cm 4 g
3XL 34-44 cm 64-74 cm 35~45 cm 6 g
4XL 38-54 cm 74-86 cm 45~60 cm 6 g
5XL 48-62 cm 84-98 cm 53~70 cm 6 g

● Size by considering the child's chest circumference and back length rather than weight or breed. It is good to choose.

● A 1 to 2 cm error may occur depending on the measurement location and method.









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