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Petio | Rotating Slicker Brush for Short-Haired Dogs

Petio | Rotating Slicker Brush for Short-Haired Dogs



Thick pins remove hard shedding, tangles, and pilling. The head can be rotated according to the body part, making cleaning along the hair flow easy. The round coating pins are gentle on the skin.



● Pin: Stainless Steel

● Rubber: Synthetic Rubber

● Body: ABS Resin, Elastomer Resin


About this item


● Brand: ペティオ (Petio)

● Theme: Dog Hair Brush

● Size: Regular/Wide

● Made in China

This product is for dogs. Do not use it for anything other than cleaning. Please be careful not to swallow fragments by people or pets accidentally. In the event of accidental ingestion, please consult your physician. When used by children, please be sure to meet an adult. Please do not use this product if there are any abnormalities on the skin. It may cause symptoms. Please be careful not to direct contact with each part of the eyes, ears, mouth, and anus. Please do not use excessive force as this may damage your dog's skin and fur or damage the product. Please be careful not to drop it as it may break. Please note that the color may fade due to water or friction. Do not use or store near fire or water. Store in an area out of contact with infants, children, and pets.

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