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Petio Plact | Dental Gum Toothpaste 無穀物的磨牙潔齒棒 | All Breed Sizes

Petio Plact | Dental Gum Toothpaste 無穀物的磨牙潔齒棒 | All Breed Sizes



Plact is a brand that adds lactic acid bacteria to your pet's health. The collagen fibers of the cowhide skin trap and remove the dirt. Perfect size for medium to large/x-small to small dogs. Grain-free for your dog's health support and food allergy care. The veterinarian recommended oblopone formula—No antioxidants, preservatives, colorants, or fragrances.


● Add lactic acid to your daily snacks

● Maintains health and immune power

● The collagen fiber of the cowhide skin pulls away dirt and removes the dirt

● Formulated with plasma lactobacillus that was born from a 35-year research on giraffe


About this item


● Brand: ペティオ (Petio)

● Food Form: Dog Treats

● Flavor: Chicken

● Unit Count: 24 (X-Small-Small)/12 (Medium-Large) (Pack of 1)

● Calories (Per 100 g): 366 Kcal

● Item Weight: 95 g

● Item Form: ‎Stick

● Allergen Information: ‎Pea-Free

● Age Range (Description): From 1 Year Old

● Pet Life Stage: All Life Stages

● Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes

● Special Ingredients: Lactobacillus

● Specific Uses: ‎Active, Teeth, Outdoor, Indoor,‎ Oral Health, Breath Care, Dental Care

● Storage Information: Avoid storing in places with direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. After opening, be sure to close the zipper, store it in the refrigerator, and give it as soon as possible, regardless of the expiration date.

● Made in Japan

Size: X-Small/Small

Dog Size/Weight Amount Per Day (Count)
X-Small (~ 5 kg/11 lbs) 4
Small (5 kg/11 lbs ~ 10 kg/23 lbs) 8

Size: Medium/Large

Dog Size/Weight Amount Per Day (Count
Medium (10 kg/23 lbs ~ 20 kg/44 lbs) 5
Large (20 kg/44 lbs ~ 35 kg/77 lbs) 10

Please Consider your dog's health, age, and amount of exercise before giving it 1 to 2 times a day as a guideline.






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