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Laki | Aomori Dried Apple | All Natural | Pack of 2

Laki | Aomori Dried Apple | All Natural | Pack of 2



● All Natural.

● No Coloring.

● Completely Additive-Free.

● Soft And Fluffy Dried Apple.

● It is recommended for dogs who don't like stiff snacks.

● Made in Japan: We use only domestic materials and do not use any coloring agents, and it is manufactured in Japan. No additives are used in the manufacturing process.

● (Long- Time Air Dry Method) Drying thoroughly at a low temperature instead of high temperatures so you can create products that protect nutrients, enzymes, and proteins without changing the taste of food.

● (Soft and non-developable teeth) The apple is sliced and dried with a bit of moisture to keep it dry and soft and easy to eat.

●  Powerful antioxidant properties unique to apples: Apples contain an ingredient called polyphenol, and this polyphenol has a powerful antioxidant effect.

● Fatigue Recovery Support: Apple acid and citric acid contained in apples are also effective for restoring fatigue, and they also help to reduce inflammation.

● It effectively prevents calcium sores, as it clings to your dog's urine and releases it outside.

● The apple polyphenol contained in the apple can be expected to have a variety of effects such as anti-oxidation, high blood pressure prevention (improved blood circulation), anti-cancer action, and prevention of periodontal diseases.


About this item


● Brand: Laki

● Food Form: Dog Treats

● Flavor: Apple

● Unit Count: 20 g x 2

● Calories (Per 100 g): 88 Kcal

● Item Form: Flake

● Pet Life Stage: Adult

● Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes

● Specific Uses: ‎Training, Sensitive Stomach

● Storage Information: Avoid storing in places with direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. After opening, be sure to close the zipper, keep it in a cool and dry place with good ventilation, and give it as soon as possible, regardless of the expiration date.

● Made in Japan

Only 5 left in stock

Please Consider your dog's health, age, and amount of exercise before giving it 2 to 3 times a day as a guideline.







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