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Laki | Milk Cheese Dental Treats   | All Natural | Dental Care | Pack of 1

Laki | Milk Cheese Dental Treats | All Natural | Dental Care | Pack of 1



● All Natural.

● Gluten Free

● No Coloring.

● Completely Additive-Free.

● Please note that the sizes are inconsistent and may vary by 3.5 oz (100 g). All handmade natural food may vary in size, and smoking temperature cannot be selected.

● Uses rich nutritional milk that lives in the Himalayas, the land of natural earth: Yaku milk, grown in a large natural land of the Himalayas, contains 8 essential amino acids.

● [No artificial additives, 100% natural formula] All processes are done by human hands. This natural cheese is made using centuries of traditional methods made from nutritious milk, fresh lime juice, and very small amounts of salt.

● (Low Salt and High Protein that is Attractive Among Cheese) The salt content contained in the cheese-making process is very simple. (0.1%) For dogs who love cheese or dogs who are dieting.

● Long-lasting and dental care and prevents overeating: This snack can be eaten after shaving the soft parts over and over. Biting stimulates the central abdominal area and provides a full stomach, preventing overeating and preventing dental stones.


About this item


● Brand: Laki

● Food Form: Dog Treats

● Flavor: Milk Cheese

● Unit Count: 3 Count (Pack of 1)

● Calories (Per 100 g): 295 Kcal

● Item Form: Stick

● Pet Life Stage: Adult

● Breed Recommendation: Small/Medium

● Specific Uses: ‎Training, Dental Care, Oral Health

● Storage Information: Avoid storing in places with direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity. After opening, be sure to close the zipper, keep it in a cool and dry place with good ventilation, and give it as soon as possible, regardless of the expiration date.

● Made in Himalaya

Only 5 left in stock

● Comes out of the bag

Use it as is without cutting.

Yakuchi is very hard, so it isn't easy to chew it. If you leave it small, it may be accidentally swallowed, so please do not cut it and give it as is.

Hold one side of the cheese first, and watch it while biting it.

If you are trying to chew or swallow, please heat it in a microwave a little and fill the puffy area.

● Lightly rinse and dry after use

Please dry it in a well-ventilated area.

After use, rinse with water and dry in a well-ventilated place. Once dry, you can return it to the bag.

Please refrain from leaving it in direct sunlight. Cheese may melt with heat.

Store in a damp location may cause the cheese to mold or mildew.

●When it gets smaller, you can remake it small.

Just chin with a 500 W microwave.

Small pieces may accidentally swallow doggies, so please cook them with a stomach.

Just chin in the stove. It expands into a puffy form for a rough texture.

For 30 seconds and 60 seconds for a pleasing pomegranate moon!







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