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Bonbi | Petit Wa | Dog Toy | Triangle

Bonbi | Petit Wa | Dog Toy | Triangle



● A size that is easy for small dogs and puppies to hold in their mouths.

● Chewing on uneven surfaces has a toothpaste effect and a milky scent.



● Natural Rubber


About this item


● Brand: ボンビ (Bonbi)

● Theme: Dog Chew Toy

● Style: Triangle

● Color: Pink

● Size: One Size

● Target Species: Dog

● Product Size: W90×D10×H90 mm

● Breed Recommendation: X-Small/Small/Medium

● Special Feature: Dental Care, All Weather, Durable

● Care Instructions: Always keep it clean after use. If it gets dirty, please wipe it gently with a dry cloth or rinse with water. Do not use hot water, bleach, benzine, thinner, alcohol, etc. Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.

● Made in China


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This product is for dogs. Please do not use it for anything other than dogs. Please do not use it for anything other than the compatible breed. Please do not use it for people or dogs with rubber allergies. Please be careful not to swallow fragments by people or pets accidentally. In the event of accidental ingestion, please consult your physician. Please do not throw it toward people or pets. Depending on how your dog bites, the strength of your dog, and how you use it, it may break. When used by children, please be sure to meet an adult. Please do not use near objects that can easily fall or be damaged easily. Please make sure to check if there are any damaged spots before playing. Please be sure to play with the owner and remove it immediately if it is damaged. Due to the nature of the product, there may be some uneven colors or discoloration. Also, please note that the color may fade due to water or friction. Do not use or store near fire or water. Keep in a place that is out of contact with infants, children, people with dementia, and pets.

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